il cammino del solstizio Quaratica Riccò del Golfo La Spezia

RICCO’ DEL GOLFO (SP) – Saturday 20th june in Quaratica 5th edition of  “Path of Solstice

This festival creates an artistic culinary themed environment that is developed in six different places where you can taste the recipes of country tradition.
Even the choice of the day is not random, a union among man, nature and tradition could only be have place in the longest day of the year.
The walk will start at 7.00pm and will pass through the village of Quaratica, developed in three different blocks connected to each other by narrow mule tracks.

An evening with scents and flavors and far away from city noise.

Place: Quaratica - Riccò del Golfo (SP)

After dinner there is no better way than staying at one of the facilities of our portal, for every kind of information you can write to [email protected]


cammino del solstizio
path of solstice
Riccò del Golfo
solstizio d'estate
summer solstice


Riccò del Golfo